Arjen Robben – Professional Football Player

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Arjen Robben is a Dutch football player who currently plays for Bayern Munich, which is a member of the German Bundesliga. He is often referred to as a forward, but he typically lines up behind the forwards in the winger position. As a footballer, Robben is notable for his fantastic dribbling skills. In addition to playing for Bayern Munich, Robben also contributes to the Netherlands national team. He speaks four languages fluently and has two children with his wife, Bernadien Eillert.

Arjen RobbenRobben was born in Bedum, Netherlands on January 23, 1984. Growing up, he developed a love for football and athletic proficiency at a very early age. While learning the sport of football, Robben became an adherent of the Coerver Method, which is a coaching technique developed by Wiel Coerver. This method involves intense training and a terrific work ethic, but Robben was able to learn amazing techniques of ball mastery through the method. After scouts began to take notice of Robben’s skills, he was signed to the regional FC Groningen. Here, he developed his distinctive style.

After Groningen, Arjen Robben began playing for PSV during the 2002-03 season. He became a fan favorite for his team, but was eventually lured to Chelsea, for whom he made his debut in November of 2004. After three successful years with Chelsea, Real Madrid signed Robben. He played for Real Madrid until August of 2009. At this time, he was signed by his current team, Bayern Munich. In his time with Bayern, Robben has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Ballon d’Or.

In international competition, Robben has played in two World Cups as a member of the Netherlands national team. For his efforts in the 2006 World Cup, he was named Man of the Match twice, making him one of just 8 players to have received the distinction. The 2010 World Cup saw the Netherlands advance all the way to the finals, but the team lost to Spain 1-0. Currently, Arjen Robben continues to train to help Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, and he looks forward to helping the Netherlands national team in the World Cup in 2014.

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