Malian Footballer Cheick Diabaté

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Cheick Diabaté is a professional Malian football player. Currently, he plays the position of striker for Bordeaux in the French Ligue 1, though he has recently been demoted to a Ligue 2 club. His full name is Cheick Tidiane Diabaté, but he is often referred to solely by his last name. He is regarded as being a tall and imposing physical presence with the ability to threaten from situations involving set pieces. Additionally, he is known for being a powerful threat through the air. Diabaté also plays for the Mali national team, though he has not been awarded significant playing time.

Cheick Diabaté was born on April 25, 1988 in Bamako, Mali. Like many Malian youths, he was introduced to the sport of football at an early age. He showed obvious talent and was encouraged to develop his athletic skills. Eventually, he caught the attention of football scouts who noticed his raw power, size and talent.

Cheick DiabateDiabaté wears number 14 and he plays the position of striker. Strikers are more commonly known as forwards, and they set up very near the opposing team’s goal. This means that strikers are generally responsible for more scoring than players at other positions. It also means that strikers have less of a defensive responsibility on the pitch. Strikers, in particular, are usually very fast players who have an ability to open themselves up in space in order to get into scoring position. They must also be adequate ball handlers and passers. Diabaté has shown all of the skills and talents necessary to be a dominant player at his position, but his youth and the presence of more experienced players have thus far denied him very significant playing time.

Currently, Diabaté plays for the Ligue 2 club AC Ajaccio. He was sent there by the Bordeaux head coach in order to get more playing time and experience, since Bordeaux has a surplus of seasoned strikers. Internationally, Diabaté is involved with the Malian team in its appearances at the Africa Cup of Nations. For this tournament, Cheick Diabaté was his team’s top scorer in the qualifying rounds. During this time, he scored four goals which helped his team win Group A.

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