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Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, who is better known as Kaká, is a Brazilian football player who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid FC, as well as the Brazilian national team. He began playing football at the young age of eight, but he was also heavily invested in the sport of tennis at the time. Both sports remained serious endeavors for him, but he chose football over tennis when he signed his first professional football contract with Sao Paulo FC at the age of 15.

KakáKaká was born in Brasilia, Brazil on April 22, 1982. Because he was a gifted student, he was able to spend significant amounts of time on athletic pursuits in addition to his schoolwork. He is not the only member of his family to become a professional football player. His younger brother Rodrigo, and his cousin Eduardo Delani are also pro footballers. Due to his natural talent and his family’s prominence, he was able to go to Sao Paulo at the age of 8, where he was discovered by Sao Paulo football club and offered an assignment with the team.

At the age of 15, Kaká signed a contract with the Sao Paulo football team. On February 1, 2001, he made his debut with the senior team. After two seasons, he began receiving interest from European clubs. He eventually signed with Milan FC, where he played until June of 2009. It was at this time that Kaká was announced as a new member of Real Madrid. Currently, he continues to play for Real Madrid, and he is a key contributor to the team’s success.

Internationally, Kaká is an integral part of the Brazilian national team. Though he was a member of the 2002 team that won the World Cup, he only played a total of 25 minutes. In the 2006 World Cup, his team made it to the quarterfinals, but lost to France. The 2010 World Cup was even more of a disappointment with the team losing to the Netherlands 2-1. He did not play for the national team for over a year when he was called up again to help the team in its friendly matches against Gabon and Egypt.

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